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A framework for generating the best investment performance for clients.

Investment Advisors | Fiduciary Advisers

Whether advising, acting as money manager or selecting outside managers, Investment Advisors must manage investment fiduciary decisions every day. Certification of the fiduciary process saves the advisor money and at the same time gives investors confidence in their selection of that advisor. Excellent advisors use independent fiduciary assessments as a governance tool. –Carlos Panksep in The Fiduciary Assessment of an Investment Advisor

Investment Stewards

Those who have legal responsibility for managing investment decisions that affect someone else’s money, including investment committee members and trustees of foundations, endowments and employee retirement plans have specific and important investment fiduciary responsibilities. FiduciaryPath offers education, and two types of assessments for these Investment Stewards.

Investment Managers

Entrusted with investors’ assets, those who make investment decisions on behalf of others have heavier investment fiduciary responsibilities. No matter what the investment philosophy, fiduciary assessment by an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® often means better investment performance through identification of and conformance to appropriate investment fiduciary procedures.