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About FiduciaryPath

A fiduciary is required to always act in the best interest of their client, beneficiary, or retirement plan participant. Still, many fiduciaries are not keenly aware of their duties and responsibilities. This can leave them vulnerable, not just to lawsuit, though that is a clear and present risk, but also to poorer investment performance and the lack of investor confidence that can result from gaps in an investment fiduciary’s decision-making process.

Fortunately there are ways to mitigate these risks and optimize the investment fiduciary’s practices.

FiduciaryPath’s mission is to ensure that investment fiduciaries are aware of their fiduciary responsibilities and that their investment process is managed to an appropriate fiduciary standard of care.

FiduciaryPath offers Consulting Assessments and Certification Assessments of a firm’s conformance to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence.

Certification Assessment – When an Investment Advisor, Fiduciary Adviser, Investment Steward or Investment Manager wants to publicly demonstrate adherence to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence, FiduciaryPath offers Certification Assessment – independent analysis of a fiduciary’s  conformance to all investment fiduciary practices and criteria.

Successful completion of the Certification process is a requirement for certification with the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence – CEFEX. This recognition implies that a fiduciary can demonstrate adherence to the industry’s best practices and is positioned to earn the public’s trust.

FiduciaryPath acts as an accredited fiduciary consultant to:

Investment Advisors | Fiduciary Advisers
Investment Stewards
Investment Managers