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Now What: Are There Really 3 Types of Investment Fiduciaries?

Now What: Are There Really 3 Types of Investment Fiduciaries?

I’m a Nonprofit Board Member – Now What? If you’re on the board or in a decision-making role, you are a fiduciary. Fiduciary Excellence Leads to Trust. Trust leads to enhanced donor confidence and Board Engagement – which leads to increased donations, financial...

Nonprofit Facts of Life: Fiduciary Training

Nonprofit Facts of Life: Fiduciary Training

Nonprofit Facts of Life – That Nobody Told Me . . . There’s a lot you need to know when you’re a Nonprofit Leader – a lot that may not have occurred to you when you agreed to follow your passion and make an impact with your favorite Nonprofit! There are both Fun...

Allan Henriques

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Kate McBride has been a leader in the fiduciary world for more than a decade. We’ve worked together on fiduciary policy, research, and advocacy. Her expertise in practical application of prudent investment practices and decades of investment experience give her a unique understanding of how best to counsel fiduciary trustees, boards, and leaders to protect their organization’s assets.

Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFA, CFP® Executive Chairman, CEFEX and Fi360

Kate McBride’s Fiduciary Leadership Training and Expert Assessments have been a game changer for our organization’s Board of Trustees and staff. Her savvy communications and accredited fiduciary excellence has increased our team’s focus, consistent application of best practices, and helped to grow our assets by 20% in one year. Our donor-clients satisfaction has never been higher! We strongly recommend Kate McBride of Fiduciary Path.

Vanessa Bechtel, President & CEO, Ventura County Community Foundation / VCCF Nonprofit Center

Kate McBride has helped us verify the Best Fiduciary Practices we have integrated throughout our investment portfolios and employee retirement plans. Her expertise has helped us to improve our investment processes further, in a comprehensive cycle to protect the best interest of our tribal members and our community.

Patricia Mercier, CFO, Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians

Allan Henriques

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