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Designed for Trustees, Board Members, and Leaders of Community Foundations: Fiduciary Essentials® Training, for which successful participants receive a Certificate of Completion. Customized training emphasizes such topics as Investment Steward Management, State Regulatory Requirements and Fiduciary Best Practices.

Fiduciary Essentials® training provides a common investment vocabulary and best practices framework that helps Trustees, Board Members and Leaders to:

  • Speak the Language of Fiduciaries©
  • Select Prudent Experts
  • Increase value from Service Providers
  • Provide confidence to supporters, members and beneficiaries

When you’re finished with Fiduciary Essentials®, you’ll have a better understanding of your fiduciary responsibilities, why they are so important, what steps to take in fulfilling your fiduciary role and where to find prudent experts to assist you — and who may relieve you of some of your fiduciary duty.