FiduciaryPath Launches Online Training for Nonprofit Trustees and Leaders

Leading Fiduciary Experts Deliver Authoritative Instruction on Best Practices via Streamed Video Sessions for Nonprofit Boards and Executives

RUMSON, NJ, Dec. 8, 2020 – FiduciaryPath, LLC today launched its online training program to deliver the authoritative fiduciary training that trustees, board directors and other leaders of nonprofits need to protect and grow their organizations and to achieve their missions and financial objectives.

The FiduciaryPath program features convenient, cost-effective access to live as well as online recorded sessions by leading fiduciary experts.  With the launch, FiduciaryPath expands its best-practices training and consulting services to a wider audience of nonprofits, apprenticeship trusts, tribal nations, governments, and retirement plans.  The more than 3.5 hours of online sessions cover 21 critical topics that trustees, board directors, and leaders of nonprofits need to understand to implement fiduciary best practices.

“Trustees, boards and other nonprofit officials are under more scrutiny than ever by regulators, donors and other stakeholders,” noted Kate McBride, President and Founder of FiduciaryPath, LLC, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® (AIFA®), and CEFEX Analyst with the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence. “Yet many trustees, board members, and leaders come into their investment steward leadership roles without a clear sense of the scope of their legal fiduciary responsibilities and the risks their organizations face. Our online, virtual training provides a path for board members and other officials to get up to speed quickly on the fiduciary knowledge they need to effectively lead their organizations in these challenging times. Live virtual training workshops are also available.”

The launch of the program comes as many nonprofits struggle with the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak and other emergent crises, noted McBride, a Founding Member and former Chair of The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard. “2020 has changed everything for those with fiduciary responsibilities, requiring them to make significant shifts in priorities and internal operations. Our mission is to provide a common investment vocabulary and best practices training, and a framework that helps fiduciaries safeguard their organization’s reputation and resources in this difficult operating environment.”

Joining McBride in the online sessions is fiduciary thought leader Allan Henriques, JD, AIFA®, and CEFEX Analyst and founder of Allan Henriques Fiduciary Consultants, which FiduciaryPath recently acquired. Henriques and Roger Levy, LLM, AIFA®, and highly experienced CEFEX Analyst, will continue to work with McBride and FiduciaryPath, providing Fiduciary Essentials® training, fiduciary gap analyses, and certification assessments. FiduciaryPath’s added online services enhance the firm’s ongoing live virtual training and consulting with investment stewards at nonprofits, apprenticeship trusts, tribal nations, governments, retirement plans, and Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firms.

“Kate McBride has been a leader in the fiduciary world for more than a decade. We’ve worked together on fiduciary policy, research, and advocacy. Her expertise in practical application of prudent investment practices and decades of investment experience give her a unique understanding of how best to counsel fiduciary trustees, boards, and leaders to protect their organization’s assets,” said Blaine Aikin, AIFA®, CFA, CFP®, and Executive Chairman of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX).


About Kathleen M. McBride and FiduciaryPath:

Kate McBride, Founder and President of FiduciaryPath, is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst® and an Analyst for CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, and has more than 40 years of investment industry experience. FiduciaryPath works with trustees, board members, and leaders of nonprofits, apprenticeship trusts, tribal nations, governments, retirement plans, and registered investment advisory firms to train, assess, improve, and certify their prudent investment practices. FiduciaryPath’s renowned team of fiduciary experts provide Fiduciary Essentials® Training, Fiduciary Gap Analyses, Fiduciary Consulting, Service Provider Search and Monitoring, and CEFEX certification audits.

McBride is a Founding Member and formerly served as Chair of The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard and meets regularly with policymakers. She holds a B.A. from New York University and completed the Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management program at The Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania.

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